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Two DSP-based 4/8-axis Advanced Pulse-train Motion Controllers

A pair of 4- and 8-axis motion controllers has been announced by Adlink. The AMP-204C and AMP-208C digital signal processing (DSP)-based 4/8-axis advanced pulse-train motion controllers enable high pulse output and encoder input frequency up to 6.5 MHz and 20 MHz, respectively. The AMP-204C and 208C leverage Adlink’s Softmotion technology and easy-to-use utility to offer comprehensive and application-oriented motion functionality.  This reduces development time and cost up to 25% while maintaining superior throughput and accuracy. In addition, customer-reported testing shows a reduction in time required for completion of action using the AMP-204C and 208C as compared to other motion controllers, enabling at least 10% growth in productivity. The pair features high-speed, enhanced precision control and competitive pricing for a superior cost-performance ratio.

The AMP-204C and 208C feature advanced synchronous motion control performance combined with point-table functionality integrating multi-dimensional interpolation; for instance, 3D linear/circular/spiral interpolation with enhanced trajectory and velocity planning is used for contouring applications in semiconductor, display and conventional manufacturing industries. The AMP-204C/AMP-208C also support pulse-width modulation (PWM) control with three different control modes for frequency or duty cycle, benefiting laser engraving/marking/cutting applications. Moreover, hardware-based, high-speed position comparison and trigger output up to 1 MHz are applicable in AOI applications, and 16 additional onboard digital input & digital output channels make the AMP-204C/208C more economical than a full D I/O card.

The AMP-204C/208C’s MotionCreatorPro 2 Windows-based application development software package provides a Setup Wizard, shortening system installation and evaluation time and allowing full monitoring of onboard DSP and I/O consumption via a system diagnostics page. Powerful sampling page and graphic tools deliver real-time motion and I/O status and conduct further motion flow analyses.

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