Rugged FPGA-Based Frame Grabber & Video Capture XMC Card

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A new rugged, high-resolution frame grabber and video capture XMC (VITA 42.3) card delivers high-resolution analog and digital video capture functionality and advanced serial connectivity. The XMC-270 from Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing also features a built-in PCI Express core to provide high-performance video and image storage. Extra functionality and customizability is provided through an advanced Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA. The XMC-270 simplifies and speeds the integration of high-end image and video capture functionality into embedded COTS systems designed for use in harsh environments.

Available in both air- and conduction-cooled versions, the XMC-270 supports high-resolution digital and analog video formats, including legacy interlaced analog video. The card can transfer raw video data in a wide variety of color depths including 8-bit YCbCr (BT.656-4), 32-bit RGB8888 (with Alpha), 16-bit RGB565 and 8-bit Mono (green only). It provides a comprehensive range of video capture features including full frame rate, reduced frame rate (user programmable) and snap shot. The XMC-270 supports a wide range of video capture functionality including six independent NTSC/PAL/RS170 CVBS/S-Video inputs, two independent DVI (TMDS) inputs and two independent RGB HV/SoG inputs.

XMC-270 Performance Features include an x8 PCI Express interface, video integrity monitoring for video freeze detection on DVI channels, thermal sensor and is available in a range of air- and conduction-cooled ruggedization levels. Software support for the XMC-270 includes a comprehensive capture drive which enables a system designer to control and fully utilize the card’s hardware capabilities. This software can be used either in stand-alone mode or integrated with other Curtiss-Wright Controls’ Graphics software. Operating environment support includes drivers for Wind River VxWorks 6.x and GPPLE Linux for use with Curtiss-Wright Controls Power Architecture and Intel Architecture single board computers. Price of the XMC-270 begins at $5,683.

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