800 kHz per Channel, Simultaneous USB Data Acquisition Module

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A multifunction, high-throughput, simultaneous USB data acquisition module allows the user to sample six analog input channels independently at up to 800 KHz per channel. The DT9816-S from Data Translation is the latest addition to the ECONseries of USB data acquisition modules, providing a flexible yet economical series of multifunction data acquisition products. In addition to an extremely high throughput rate of up to 800 KHz per input channel, the DT9816-S offers a full set of features including 8 digital input lines, 8 digital output lines and a 16-bit counter/timer. 

In addition to simultaneously sampling inputs at throughput rates up to 800 KHz per channel or 4.8 MHz total throughput across 6 channels, the DT9816-S, provides a 16-bit resolution analog input subsystems with signal sampling ranges of +/-10 V and +/-5 V. Event counting is supported with one 16-bit counter/timer and eight digital input and eight digital output lines support monitoring and control. The unit runs off a standard USB connector and is housed in a shielded, rugged enclosure for noise immunity.

The DT9816-S ships with free software allowing users to get up and running quickly. Users can develop their own software in a variety of languages, or use one of Data Translation’s ready-to-measure applications, including Measure Foundry, a drag and drop test and measurement application. The DT9816-S is priced at $595. 

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