2U Acceleration Platform Supports Eight PCIe x16 Gen 2 I/O Cards in 21” Deep Chassis

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A 2UPCI Express acceleration platform supports up to eight PCIe x16 Gen 2 I/O cards. There are three versions of acceleration platforms that include either one or two PCIe x16 Gen 2 interfaces, allowing more than one host computer to access cards. Host cable adapters and one-meter cables are included with the platform. The 2U platform supports both single-wide and double-wide boards. Dual 850-watt power supplies provide redundant power for graphics processing units (GPUs) or other high-speed I/O cards requiring high power output. The platform is equipped with superior cooling and an internal system monitor that reports parameter status through an Ethernet port on the rear of the enclosure.

The 21” chassis is 8” shorter than other conventional chassis currently available. In addition, all boards are accessed through the rear of the chassis, allowing cables to be connected to I/O ports. Removable trays allow easy installation of any full-length PCIe x16 add-in boards. The enclosure top is held by a single thumbscrew in the rear of the chassis, making it easy to remove. With the trays removed, boards can be installed in the slots and the tray re-inserted in the chassis.

The three versions of the 2U accelerator are the “4-1” (OSS-PCIe-2U-ENCL-EXP-4-1), which supports four doublewide cards with a single PCIe x16 interface, the “-4-2” (OSS-PCIe-2U-ENCL-EXP-4-2) supporting four doublewide cards with two PCIe x16 interfaces, and the “8-2” (OSS-PCIe-2U-ENCLEXP-8-2) supporting eight singlewide cards with two PCIe x16 interfaces. OEM volume pricing starts at $2,395. 

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