6U VME/VXS Signal Generator Boasts Eight 14-bit Channels at 1.2 GSPS

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A new FPGA-based multichannel signal generator offers eight 14-bit synchronized data streams at 1.2 Gsample/s analog outputs from an FPGA-based board utilizing three Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGAs in a single 6U VME / VXS slot. The Charon-V5 from Tek Microsystems uses the highest performance commercially available DAC (digital to analog converter) devices, enabling enhanced performance for multichannel signal generation applications such as beam-steering and simultaneous multi-signal generation for communications and Radar systems.

The Charon-V5 uses the 1.2 Gsample/s Analog Devices AD9736 14-bit DAC to generate multiple signals at bandwidths of up to 600 MHz with improved spectral purity, thereby enabling higher system performance than ever before. When Charon-V5 is paired with the company’s Atlas-V5 product, multichannel data acquisition and response systems can be developed with very low latency and digital signal processing capability. The eight 14-bit DAC digitizer channels are Znx Virtex-5 FPGAs in a single VME/VXS payload slot.

The front end FPGAs are typically two SX95T devices generating eight channels of analog output data coupled with a back-end FPGA for multichannel processing and backplane communications. To meet application requirements, the back-end FPGA can be configured with any Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA in the FF1738 package, including the SX240T with over 1,000 DSP48E slices for signal processing applications. In addition to the analog outputs, there are six high-speed serial fiber or copper I/O channels on the front panel as well as fabric and network connectivity via the optional P0 VXS backplane connector.

The Charon-V5 includes hardware support for sample-accurate synchronization both within a single card and across multiple cards, allowing Charon-V5 to support high channel count applications such as beam steering with up to 144 channels in a single VXS chassis.

As a part of the QuiXilica-V5 product family, Charon-V5 benefits from a common set of hardware, firmware and software elements that are reused across multiple products and applications. Through the Charon-V5 Developers Kit (DK), systems integrators can access a comprehensive set of building blocks along with reference designs such as the arbitrary waveform generator included with the Charon-V5 to support rapid development and integration of application-specific signal processing within the QuiXilica-V5 framework. Like all of the QuiXilica-V5 products, the Charon-V5 is available for a wide range of operating environments, including rugged air- and conduction-cooled versions for deployed applications.

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