USB Data Acquisition Processor for High-Speed Simultaneous Sampling

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A new semi-autonomous data acquisition system can—after programming—run independently from its host PC. PC software communicates with, configures and controls the system, but xDAP 7400 from Microstar Laboratories can be set up to run for long periods—or even indefinitely—without any connection to a PC. With an application using a software trigger, data can be selected for processing automatically, and the host PC can be disconnected. While operating independently, xDAP 7400 can extract and process only what is of interest from a sampled data stream. It helps improve signal quality by running the data stream through digital filters before storing it in local memory for transfer to the PC when the PC is connected and ready to accept the transfer. The distributed intelligence of multiple xDAP 7400s allows capture, buffering and reduction of data, for faster transfer of information through limited PC host capacity.

Each xDAP 7400 includes a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter running at 1 million samples per second on each of 8 channels simultaneously, for a throughput of 8 million samples per second. One gigabyte of local memory provides space for data buffers that let xDAP 7400 sustain this throughput indefinitely, transferring samples to the PC as required, with no loss of data. Recent tests have confirmed not only continuous transfer to a PC at the full 8 million samples per second, but also continuous disk-logging of the data.

Built into DAPL 3000, the real-time operating system that runs on xDAP 7400, are more than 100 commands optimized for data acquisition and reduction. These are supported by DAPtools Professional, a $595 software product included at no charge with orders for xDAP 7400 placed before October 31, 2009.

Using any PC laptop with a USB 2.0 port, you can sample 8 channels simultaneously with 16-bit resolution at 1 million samples per second on each channel. The DAPL operating system running on xDAP 7400 lets you perform data reduction and other processing in real time. You can download at no charge a full copy of the software you can use to develop and run your application from a PC. Technical specifications for xDAP 7400 are listed on the Web. The new hardware costs $5,995 and is available now. You can order it today, or talk to Microstar Laboratories about evaluating it before you buy it.

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