5-Slot Full Mesh 3U VPX REDI Backplane Features I/O Plus

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An enhanced 5-slot I/O Plus 3U VPX full mesh backplane is suitable for a wide array of VPX applications. A commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution, the highly configurable VPX REDI backplane from SIE Computing offers high-bandwidth in a compact size and provides greater I/O flexibility through I/O Plus, which uses configurable I/O daughter cards to accommodate an array of VPX applications.

I/O Plus brings two high-speed VPX connectors to the front edge of the board and utilizes two interchangeable daughter I/O cards, reducing the need for custom backplanes for each VPX application. The backplane design incorporates 10 fat pipes / high-speed differential channels on the J1 connector and 16 fat pipes as well as 20 single-ended signals on the J2 connector.

The backplane is capable of delivering over 200 watts of power per VPX slot. SIE Computing Solutions also offers standard and custom ATR rugged enclosures featuring convection, conduction, air-over conduction or liquid-cooling requirements to meet the demanding cooling requirements for a variety of thermal loads.  The 5-slot 3U VPX REDI backplane is suitable for deployment in aerospace and vetronic military applications where high performance and the small 3U form factor are mandated. 

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