OpenVPX Draft Specification V0.9.4 Completed

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The OpenVPX Industry Working Group (, an alliance of VITA member defense and aerospace prime contractors and embedded computing systems suppliers focused on addressing VPX (VITA 46) system-level interoperability issues, has announced the completion of the OpenVPX draft V0.9.4 specification.

The OpenVPX working group established an aggressive schedule to address interoperability improvements in the VITA 46 specification in a timely manner. The member companies have come together and have been working to meet these goals. As a result of the focused efforts within the OpenVPX Technical Working Group, the specification is nearing completion and is on schedule. Plans call for the specification to transition into the VITA 65 working group following submission of the completed OpenVPX V1.0 Specification in October, with the objective of VITA Standards Organization (VSO) ratification before year’s end.

The OpenVPX draft defines the VPX Systems Specification, an architecture that manages and constrains module and backplane designs. The VPX Systems Specification includes the definition of pin-outs and sets interoperability points within VPX, while maintaining full compliance with the existing VPX specification. The OpenVPX V1.0 Specification, developed by VITA members, is on track to be turned over to the VSO in October as VITA 65 for final comment, ballot and ratification as a standard.

An OpenVPX Media Press Conference shall be held at the upcoming MILCOM tradeshow in Boston on October 19th. Press Conference details shall follow prior to the show. For more information on the OpenVPX Industry Working Group, visit OpenVPX is a trademark of VITA. For an in-depth preview of the specification, see the article titled, “OpenVPX Promises VPX Interoperability” in this issue of RTC.