High-Resolution Digitizer Line Provides High Accuracy, Low Noise, High Performance

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Three new PCI digitizers offer sampling rates of 10 MSample/s, 20 MSample/s and 40 MSample/s respectively. The newest members of the PCI-98x6 series from Adlink 98x6 family of digitizers include the PCI-9816, PCI-9826 and PCI-9846 4-channel, 16-bit high-resolution digitizers. The PCI-98x6 series combines three characteristics that make them optimized for various applications: high 16-bit accuracy, low noise and high dynamic performance over wide range of frequency domain, making them suitable for applications such as radar/lidar design and test, ultrasonic imaging, non-destructive testing, spectral monitor and automatic electronic testing. For example, the typical dynamic performance for the PCI-9816 includes 12.6-bit effective number of bits (ENOBs) and a 78.4 dBc signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at an input frequency of a 1 MHz sine wave. For applications that need high-density channels in one system, the PCI-98x6 series provides a specially designed system synchronization interface (SSI) to synchronize up to four cards. Each member of the PCI-98x6 series also includes up to 512 Mbytes of onboard memory for ample data storage to allow extended acquisition times. 

Adlink provides both legacy drivers for program development in Microsoft C++ and Visual Basic and task-oriented drivers, such as DAQPilot, to accelerate the development cycle. The PCI-98x6 series of digitizers can also be configured and operated in NI LabVIEW by using DAQPilot’s Express VIs and Polymorphic VI. Adlink also offers customized input ranges or higher bandwidth options on the PCI-98x6 series for OEM applications. The PCI-98x6 series of digitizers is currently available for a list price starting at $1,699.

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