PCI Express XMC Module with Dual Channel 1 GS/s 12-bit Digitizer

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An XMC I/O module features dual channels of 1 GSample/s 12-bit digitizing with a Virtex5 FPGA computing core, DRAM and SRAM memory, and eight lane PCI Express host interface. The X5-G12 from Innovative Integration includes a Xilinx Virtex5 SX95T or LX155T with 512 Mbyte DDR2 DRAM and 4 Mbyte QDR-II memory to provide a high-performance DSP core for demanding applications such RADAR and direct RF digitizing. The close integration of the analog I/O, memory and host interface with the FPGA enables real-time signal processing at rates exceeding 300 GMAC/s.

The X5 XMC modules couple Innovative’s Velocia architecture with a high-performance, 8-lane PCI Express interface that provides over 1 Gbyte/s sustained transfer rates to the host. Private links to host cards with >1.6 Gbyte/s capacity using P16 are provided for system integration.

The X5 family can be fully customized with VHDL and Matlab using the FrameWork Logic toolset. The Matlab BSP supports real-time hardware-in-the-loop development using the graphical, block diagram Simulink environment with Xilinx System Generator. Software development tools for the X5 modules provide comprehensive support including device drivers, data buffering, card controls, and utilities that allow developers to be productive from the start. At the most fundamental level, the software tools deliver data buffers to your application without the burden of low-level real-time control of the cards. Software classes provide C++ developers a powerful, high-level interface to the card that makes real-time, high-speed data acquisition easier to integrate into applications.

Software for data logging and analysis are provided with every X5 module. Data can be logged to system memory at full rate or to disk drives at rates supported by the drive and controller.

IP logic cores are also available for SDR applications that provide from 16 to 4096 DDC channels. These IP cores transform the X5 modules into versatile receivers using proven logic cores from R-Interface and Innovative, ready for integration into your application. Software tools for host development include C++ libraries and drivers for Windows and Linux. Application examples demonstrating the module features and use are provided, including logging A/D samples to disk.

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