FPGA-Based Industrial Ethernet Module Integrates a High-Capacity Switch-IP

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An industrial Ethernet module (IEM) implements a cost-efficient and flexible solution to adapt to various Industrial Ethernet technologies. The IEM from IXXAT is based on an Altera Cyclone III FPGA, which in addition to an integrated 32-bit CPU, PHYs, magnetic modules and RJ45 jacks, includes the new 3-port switch IP for Profinet, EtherNet/IP and Modbus-TCP.

The switch IP has been developed by IXXAT in close cooperation with one of the world’s leading experts in switch technologies. The IP implements a store-and-forward switch and is explicitly designed for real-time Ethernet networks. An implementation as cut-through switch is already in preparation. The switch IP makes use of priority information to transfer real-time Ethernet frames with lowest latency and jitter—in the range of a few microseconds.

The switch IP comes with integrated MACs that support 10/100 Base-T, half and full duplex. To make use of features like static or dynamic address table, aging mode, routing mode, etc., the customer can configure the IP by using its management interface. On top of this, the internal port supports filters and backpressure to reduce the load of the connected system. The switch IP is also available as a product, based on Altera Cyclone III (further FPGA types on request). Furthermore, IXXAT also offers the development of fully customized adaptations of the switch IP on a project basis.

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