Dual PMC Expansion on Core2 Duo VME Carrier Card

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Many long-life VMEbus systems require high-performance expansion using PMC or XMC modules. Xembedded has announced the XVME-9076 dual-PMC 6U carrier module. The XVME-9076 single-slot dual PMC carrier provides support for two additional PCI/PCI-X sites to the Xembedded XVME-6200 Core2 Duo VMEbus processor. The XVME-9076 expands the XVME-6200 processor to support up to three PMC modules or two PMC modules and one XMC module for functions such as FPGA, Ethernet, SCSI, serial port, digital I/O, analog I/O and special-function PMC modules. The PCIe x4 is a high-speed connection in each direction between the XVME-9076 and the XVME-6200 processor.

The XVME-9076 is compatible with PMC 2.0 specifications for IEEE P1386 modules. The XVME-9076 offers two 32/64-bit, 66/133 MHz sites, one with rear I/O out P2 of the carrier and the other site with rear I/O out the optional P0. Both PMC sites are capable of providing 14 watts of power. The XVME-9076 expansion module is available in commercial and air-cooled versions.

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