DSP-Based Servo Motion Controllers with Full Closed-Loop Control

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DSP-Based Servo Motion Controllers with Full Closed-Loop Control

Two DSP-based servo motion controllers handle three or six axes of control. The PCI-8253 (three axes) and PCI-8256 (six axes) from Adlink are designed to take full advantage of the latest digital signal processing technologies to provide a ±10V analog motion controller with full closed-loop control, a PID plus feed-forward algorithm and 20 MHz encoder input frequency. The PCI-8253 and 8256 not only provide general motion control functions, but also support comprehensive and application-specific functions suitable for automated optical inspection (AOI), gantry and manufacturing machine applications, as well as complete compatibility with all the top third-party servo drivers in the market.

By incorporating a digital signal processor (DSP), the PCI-8253 and 8256 are able to provide advanced, flexible and comprehensive motion functions that cannot be achieved through ASIC-based solutions. Such functions include multiple dimension interpolation and high-speed position comparison. All motion profile algorithms are developed by Adlink and implemented on the DSP. Therefore, application-specific functions can be custom developed for customers.

By incorporating FPGA technology, the PCI-8253 and PCI-8256 provide higher motion control performance by a fast encoder input frequency up to 20 MHz. In addition, the hardware-based high-speed position comparison and trigger output speed of up to 1 MHz further make the PCI-8253/8256 ideal for AOI applications. The PCI-8253 and PCI-8256 also offer a point table that supports over 5,000 points for each axis, ideal for contouring applications. 

Setup and deployment of the PCI-8253/8256 are simplified through Adlink's MotionCreatorPro 2, a user-friendly Windows-based application development software package. Axis servo gains (PID plus feed-forward gain) can be easily tuned through this tool, which greatly reduces the amount of effort spent on gain tuning. A sampling window also provides a real-time display of the motion data enabling simpler integration of axis parameters, PID gain and other on-the-fly changes. The PCI-8253 and PCI-8256 are currently available for a list price of $1,329 and $2,129, respectively.

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