USM-based Dual Fast Ethernet PMC Offers FPGA Flexibility

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USM-Based Dual Fast Ethernet PMC Offers FPGA Flexibility 

A new Dual Fast Ethernet PMC is based on the Universal Submodule (USM) concept that implements a board's desired functionality through one or more IP cores in an FPGA. The corresponding line drivers are located on the main USM module, which simply plugs into the respective base mezzanine.

In the P511 PMC from Men Micro, the Ethernet functionality resides on an IP core in the  onboard FPGA. For this reason, the PMC provides exceptional design flexibility, because the IP core is easily updated and changed. This helps designers quickly turn individual I/O requirements into production-ready products, reducing design time and costs. The new P511 PMC is suitable for a variety of mission-critical applications found throughout the telecommunications, industrial, medical, transportation and aerospace industries.

The Ethernet interface includes two 10/100Base-T Ethernet channels featuring half and full duplex operation accessible on two channels via two RJ45 connectors routed to the front of the board by an adapter cable from an SCSI connector. The P511 can buffer all receive and transmit Ethernet frames either locally or in an external buffer for traceability and error analysis. Up to six GPIO lines can be used on the module for additional functionality. Alternate gateways can be constructed by combining an Ethernet core and a fieldbus interface.

The 32-bit/33 MHz P511 is suitable for use with any PMC-compliant host carrier board in any bus system such as CompactPCI, VME or other stand-alone SBCs (single board computers). The PMC is fully integrated to comply with IEEE802.3, features a 1,500 VAC isolation voltage and can withstand an extended temperature range of -40° to +85°C. For extremely dusty or humid environments, an optional conformal coating is available. Guaranteed minimum availability of the P511 Dual Fast Ethernet PMC is 10 years, reducing the chance of component obsolescence. Quantity one to nine pricing is $743.

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