Development Platform Features New Texas Instruments Multicore DSP

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Development Platform Features New Texas Instruments Multicore DSP 

An off-the¬-shelf multiprocessor, multicore development solution features dual Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320C6472 Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). The EVP6472 from Sundance Multiprocessor Technology features design support from the Diamond multiprocessor tool-suite from 3L. Diamond enables easy access to the onboard 12 C64x+ cores and allows the designer to rapidly build, model, test and iterate different design architectures by moving tasks between the processor cores. The EVP6472 is suited to the development of high-performance applications such as high-end industrial, mission critical, test and measurement, communication, medical imaging, blade server and high-end image and video processing. 

The 500 MHz six-core C6472 from Texas Instruments is the best power performance multicore DSP with 0.15 mW/MIPS at 3 GHz performance. The 700 MHz C6472 with a total 4.2 GHz performance and 4.8 Mbyte on-chip L1/L2 memory is among the highest performance DSPs from TI. The C6472 architecture was designed to ensure a maximized subsystem performance on a chip. One of the advantages of this architecture is that in addition to dedicated Layer 1 (L1) and Layer 2 (L2) memory to each core, C6472 features 768 Kbyte shared L2 program/data memory and a shared memory controller to facilitate high efficient and flexible inter-DSP core communications. 

The EVP6472 is provided with a TIM carrier card and a modular plug-in that features dual C6472 multicore DSP, a Virtex5 FX30 FPGA with embedded PowerPC, 2 banks of DDR2 memory, Rocket Serial Link (RSL) connectors and a host USB 2.0 interface. The development platform is supported by TI’s Code Composer Studio (CCS), and the 3L Diamond tool-suite. The Diamond suite allows developers to separate the implementation of their application into a software section based around communicating tasks, and a hardware section built from processors joined by data-transfer links. Tasks can be placed on any of the twelve C64+ cores and the Diamond API allows the efficient exchange of data between tasks. Diamond uses its built-in device drivers to support uniform communication, automatically using the shared memory between tasks, and a virtual channel system is also available for deadlock-free data routing. For a time-limited period, pricing starts at $2,000.

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