Development Platform Features Blackfin Processor and .NET Micro Framework

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Development Platform Features Blackfin Processor and .NET Micro Framework 

A new VITA 57-compatible development platform features the Analog Devices Blackfin BF518F processor and also runs the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework operating system, making it suitable for use in embedded industrial automation applications where low power and convergent processing are essential. 

The Analog Devices BF518F FMC Development Kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing offers hardware and software design engineers the flexibility they need by providing an I/O mezzanine card, electrically compatible with the FMC VITA57 specification. This feature enables the connection to FMC carrier cards and facilitates the development of applications using the Analog Devices BF518F Blackfin processor with field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The result is a modular, convenient development platform suitable for integrating hard-wired control applications with a flexible and familiar software environment and network connectivity for industrial automation and smart energy management applications. 

By enabling the .NET Micro Framework on this board, the developers now have access to programming models and tools, including Visual Studio, that have made the desktop environment productive while maintaining the access to the underlying hardware that is needed. The virtualization of the hardware “future proofs” the applications so that work done on these development platforms can migrate easily to the eventual products. The kit is available for $349, or $499 with the add-on debug agent board. 

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