PrPMC / XMC Module Features Core2 Duo Processor

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PrPMC / XMC Module Features Core2 Duo Processor 

A conduction- or air-cooled PrPMC / XMC module supports the Intel Core2 Duo processor running at up to 1.8 GHz. The XPedite7101 from Extreme Engineering Solutions comes with PCI Express or PCI interconnect and a Gigabit Ethernet port with integrated magnetics. The card is suitable for high-bandwidth data-processing applications and features main memory up to 2 Gbytes of DDR2-400 SDRAM with an additional complement of NAND flash up to 4 Gbytes. 

The P14 PMC interface includes two USB ports, two SATA ports, an RS-232/422 serial port, eight GPIO signals and Gigabit Ethernet. In addition, the P16 interface provides two USB ports, two SATA ports, one RS-485 port or two RS-232/RS-422 ports, four GPIO signals and an additional Gigabit Ethernet connection.

In-house X-ES operating system support includes board support packages (BSPs) for Green Hills Integrity, Wind River VxWorks, QNX Neutrino, Linux LSP and also comes with a set of Windows drivers. Intel’s Core2 Duo processor expands the X-ES product line of PrPMC/XMC modules, available in ruggedized air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions and is suitable for both commercial and military applications. Pricing starts at $5,410 with volume discounts available.

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