Modules Deliver Full Power to Support Electric Motors

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Modules Deliver Full Power to Support Electric Motors

Two new power stage modules support developers of automotive engine control unit (ECU) functions working with electric motors in 12V and 24V applications. A typical application area for these modules from Dspace is the development of components for a 24V electrical system in a commercial vehicle (e.g., for an auxiliary unit like an oil pump or a water pump). The new power stage modules are also perfect for developing comfort electronics. 

The modules for the Dspace RapidPro system, PS-HCFBD 1/2 (DS1767) and PS-HCHBD 2/2 (DS1768), can be configured entirely by software. They support the control of DC motors and stepper motors, as well as brushless motors such as BLDC motors and synchronous motors. Peak currents of up to 60A and continuous 42A can be reached. In addition, depending on the application, the flexibly configurable output stage of the PS-HCHBD 2/2 (DS1768) can be run in either low-side or high-side driver mode, for example, for valve control. 

The modular, compact RapidPro hardware provides signal conditioning and power stages for connecting automotive sensors and actuators to prototyping systems. In addition to new power stage modules for electric motors, several modules for various sensors and actuators are also available. 

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