Core i7 -Based 6U Conduction- or Air-Cooled VME Module

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A high-performance 6U VME single board multiprocessing computer is suitable for ruggedized systems requiring high-bandwidth processing and low power consumption. With the Intel Core i7 processor, the XCalibur4331 from Extreme Engineering Solutions delivers enhanced performance and efficiency for today's network information processing and embedded computing applications.

The XCalibur4331 is available with the Intel Core i7-610E, 620LE or -620UE processors and is combined with the QM57 chipset. The processor supports Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and includes an integrated high-definition 3D graphics controller and dual-channel memory controller.

The XCalibur4331 provides two separate channels of up to 16 Gbyte (8 Gbyte each) DDR3-1066 ECC SDRAM, two PrPMC/PrXMC slots, 8 Mbyte of NOR flash and up to 128 Gbytes of NAND flash. The XCalibur4331 also supports four Gigabit Ethernet ports, one DVI graphics port, I²C, PMC I/O, XMC I/O and RS-232/422/485 serial ports out the back panel. Optional front panel I/O includes and HDMI port, 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, USB 2.0 and I/O routed to an optional XMC slot adapter for access during development.

The XCalibur4331 is a feature-rich solution for the next generation of computationally intensive embedded applications. Operating system support for VxWorks, Windows, QNX and Linux are available. Estimated power requirement at 2.53 GHz is 40W.

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