Fibre Channel XMC Interface for Embedded Hits 8 Gbit/s

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Fibre Channel XMC Interface for Embedded Hits 8 Gbit/s

An 8 Gbit/s Fibre Channel XMC interface product allows embedded system applications to leverage ultra-high-speed Fibre Channel technology for performance networking and storage applications. The silicon-based architecture and extensive software support of the Model FCA2540 XMC from Critical I/O achieves sustained data rates as high as 1600 Mbyte/s (1.6 Gbyte/s), 15 µsec RDMA data transfers, and up to 300,000 IOPS (IO operations per second).  

These performance characteristics and RDMA & SCSI protocol support make the 8 Gbit Fibre Channel suitable for performance networking applications and an attractive choice for performance storage applications. However, integrating this technology into real-time and embedded systems can be quite challenging due to the importance of mature drivers and libraries. The hardware is relatively straightforward but the supporting software is very difficult. Critical I/O’s investment in more than 50 man-years of development in Fibre Channel software is one of the key features that more embedded systems designers can leverage for their products.  The mature software offers customers the ability to integrate Fibre Channel products without wasting time debugging poorly written and inadequate drivers, or worse, having to attempt development of drivers from scratch.

The FCA2540 XMC is part of Critical I/O’s 7th generation of Fibre Channel interfaces. This hardware interface dissipates only six watts but provides two independent 8 Gbit Fibre Channel ports, 8 lane PCI Express host interface and extensive integrated hardware BIT. It is supported by a full complement of library and drivers for VxWorks, Linux and Windows. It is compatible with X86, PPC and DSP-based embedded processor boards.

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