10Gb Ethernet PCI Express FPGA Accelerator Card

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10 Gbit Ethernet PCI Express FPGA Accelerator Card

A low-profile PCI Express FPGA accelerator card features a 10 Gbit Ethernet interface directly coupled to a Xilinx FPGA. The PCIe-180 from Nallatech is targeted at Signal Intelligence, Network Security and Algorithm Acceleration applications. The PCIe-180 features an onboard Xilinx Virtex-5 user FPGA directly coupled to a high-bandwidth, flexible memory configuration that includes ECC and parity protection. Five independent banks of DDR-II SRAM provide up to 10 Gbyte/s of sustained, random access memory bandwidth. A single bank of DDR2 SDRAM memory provides 4 Gbyte/s of deep storage local to the user FPGA. The PCIe-180 is tightly integrated to the Host platform via a x8 PCI Express connection supporting sustained bandwidths of up to 2.2 Gbyte/s. Optimized VHDL memory controller IP cores and reference designs are included as part of the standard product deliverables along with driver and API source code for 64-bit Linux operating systems.

The PCIe-180 complies with the “low-profile” half-height, half-length PCI Express mechanical specification. This enables compatibility with almost all high-density server and blade center platforms from leading OEMs such as HP, IBM, DELL, CRAY and SGI. Depending upon configuration, pricing for the PCIe-180 starts at $2,995 in volume production.

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