Diagnostic Tool for Long-Term Monitoring of CAN Bus Systems

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The new CANobserver from IXXAT enables the physical and logical long-term monitoring of CAN, CANopen and DeviceNet systems. For this, the device is permanently integrated into the network and continuously monitors and records the data transfer for up to several years.

Sporadic negative impacts, such as external EMC interferences or a slowly deteriorating signal quality caused by worn plug connections, can be detected by the physical layer diagnosis and logical frame monitoring in a timely manner. Thus, the CANobserver is able to inform the system operator before any communication error occurs.

The CANobserver comes with LEDs to display bus load and error status and optionally the power supply status. In addition, free programmable error outputs can be used to trigger external devices and signalers.

An Ethernet interface is used to connect the CANobserver to the PC, which also enables the operation of the device by an easy-to-use Web interface. Recorded messages can be stored using the universal XML format. The connection of the device with a control center can be made via SNMP. The CANobserver comes in an IP20 aluminum housing for DIN rail mounting. The power can be supplied within a wide range between 9-36V DC.

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