Tablet-Sized Capacitive Touch Screen with Multi-touch All-point Capability

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A tablet-sized capacitive touch screen technology with unlimited finger tracking capability enables, among other things, a user to manipulate multiple pictures on the screen simultaneously. The technology, based on Cypress Semiconductor’s TrueTouch touch screen solution for smaller-size portable electronics, will power touch screens between 7 and 17 inches with full multi-touch support. 

The inclusion of multi-touch support in the Windows 7 operating system has opened up the large laptop, netbook and tablet PC market to touch screen interfaces. Multi-touch capability is a key requirement for enabling designers to develop innovative applications and ways for the user to interact with his or her PC. Cypress’s TrueTouch family of devices enables designers to create new usage models for products such as tablet PCs, notebooks, netbooks, mobile handsets, portable media players (PMPs), GPS systems and other products. TrueTouch technology provides the industry’s most flexible touch screen architecture, allowing designers to implement differentiated features with Cypress’s legendary noise immunity based on patented capacitive sensing technology for flawless operation in noisy RF and LCD environments.

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