Embedded Application Lifecycle Management Solution Targets 50% Cost Reduction

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Embedded Application Lifecycle Management Solution Targets 50% Cost Reduction

A new end-to-end application lifecycle management (ALM) system for the embedded space merges product requirements, business objectives and metrics in a uniform actionable perspective. Embed-X, jointly released by LDRA and Visure Solutions, also delivers these ALM objectives with full certification support for critical development standards in the avionics, defence, automotive and medical markets. 

To enable companies to cope with the exorbitant costs systemic in current development processes, LDRA and Visure have designed Embed-X to streamline software development with the goal of delivering 50% cost savings. This embedded application lifecycle management for critical systems coordinates software engineering by integrating project management, requirements management, architecture, coding, software configuration management and testing. ALM solutions automate and enforce processes between the stages of development, manage relationships between assets used or produced by the software, and offer transparency and metrics through reports on development as it progresses. 

Building on LDRA’s experience in the critical software marketplace and Visure’s experience delivering requirements solutions, Embed-X is geared to meet the demands of safety-critical development standards. Incorporating LDRA’s patent-pending verification management technology, Embed-X will help system engineering, development and production organizations by coherently tracing requirements through static and dynamic analysis to unit testing and system verification to achieve a fully certified application. Embed-X offers compliance with DO-178B, MISRA and security standards, such as CERT C and the Homeland Security Agency’s Common Weakness Enumerations (CWE). Knowing the cost-sensitivity of the embedded market, LDRA and Visure have eased adoption by providing a target license package that incorporates customization and training. 

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