Atom XL-based ESMexpress COM Module with Extended Temperature Operation

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Atom XL-based ESMexpress COM Module with Extended Temperature Operation

 An upgraded ESMexpress Computer-on-Module (COM) incorporates the Intel Atom XL processor to provide tested, qualified operation in the extended temperature range of -40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F) in both conduction and convection-cooled environments. It also features an increased memory capacity of 2 Gbytes, double its predecessor. Because the enhanced XM1L from Men Micro conforms to the ANSI-VITA 59 RSE standard currently in development, it provides a cost-effective and easily upgradeable means of employing advanced embedded technology in highly rugged applications as found in industrial, harsh, mobile and mission-critical environments. 

 The low-power XM1L uses the Intel Atom XL processor family operating at up to 1.6 GHz in combination with an IA-32 core based on 45nm process technology, while drawing a maximum of 7W. In addition to the upgraded 2 Gbytes of soldered DDR2 SDRAM system memory, the XM1L supports other memory, including USB flash on the carrier board and 512 Kbytes of L2 cache integrated into the processor. 

 All interfaces from the Intel System Controller Hub US15W are routed from the XM1L for use on any ESMexpress carrier board. Interfaces can include a combination of PCI Express links, LVDS, SDVO, high-definition audio, SATA, Ethernet with Wake-on-LAN functionality and USB, depending on application requirements. Additional COM interfaces are available on the carrier board via a USB to COM conversion.

 A board management controller monitors all board functions to complete the functionality of the XM1L. For testing of the XM1L and for developing the application, the universal carrier board XC1 in ATX format can be used. The XM1L can also be plugged onto COM Express carrier boards (basic form factor type 2) via the adapter board AE12. Pricing starts at $497.  

 MEN Micro, Ambler, PA. (215) 542-9575. [].