Solid-State Power Controller Sports 8KW over 16 channels

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Solid-State Power Controller Sports 8 KW over 16 channels

A third-generation solid-state power controller provides reliable solid-state protection and control for sixteen independent 28 Vdc channels, with a total power output of more than 8 KW. Programmable trip points, channel paralleling and power-on defaults support maximum power distribution system flexibility. The RP-26200 embedded controller and network interface from Data Device Corporations (DDC) enable real-time load monitoring, which can be used for efficient load management and preventative maintenance. 

The RP-26200 is based upon field-proven technology, with more than 500,000 nodes installed since 1988 on vehicles including the M1A2 Abrams tank and the Bradley fighting vehicle, and recently on upcoming unmanned ground vehicles and tactical wheeled vehicles. The RP-26200’s complement of high power density, programmability and cost-effective architecture makes it suitable for tactical wheeled vehicles where weight, size and flexibility are at a premium, and where reliability under harsh operation is vital to mission success. 

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