High Speed Solid State Drives for Embedded Systems

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High-Speed Solid-State Drives for Embedded Systems

A new family of solid-state drives (SSDs) features fast read/write speeds in high capacities and is designed for embedded system OEM applications that require superior performance, high reliability and long product life. The single-level cell (SLC)-based SiliconDrive N1x SSDs from Western Digital are an ideal storage solution for a wide range of embedded system OEM applications in growing markets such as automotive and transportation, data center, communications infrastructure, video surveillance and industrial automation.  

WD SiliconDrive N1x SSD products feature a native SATA 3.0 Gbits/s interface with target read speeds up to 240 Mbytes/s and write transfer rates up to 140 Mbytes/s in capacities up to 128 Gbytes/s. WD SiliconDrive N1x SSDs deliver maximum drive endurance and high sustained sequential write speeds to satisfy the 24/7 operational requirements in critical OEM applications. The WD SiliconDrive N1x products also feature WD’s innovative Speed Assurance technology for consistent read/write performance. 

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