Industrial Automation Software Supports Controller Redundancy, User Interface, Reporting, Trending and Alerts

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A full set of software applications and utilities for the Snap Pac System of automaton controllers from Opto22 provides control programming, HMI development, OPC connectivity, database integration, communication with Allen-Bradley Logix systems, and support for controller redundancy. Perhaps the most powerful new feature found in PAC Project 9 is its support for redundant controllers communicating over standard Ethernet. Opto 22’s SnapPac stand-alone controllers, when used with the Snap Pac Redundancy Option Kit (SNAP-PAC-ROK), can be configured for synchronous operation, with one controller executing the control program and a second essentially running in parallel, so that if the master controller fails or is knocked offline, the other controller will take command and continue to perform without interruption or restart.

HMI design, alarming and configuration have been improved as well. Alarm configurations and settings can be saved for easy replication, and authenticated messages can be sent to mail servers, thereby enabling PAC Display to send SMTP-based (email) alerts whenever alarms are triggered. Alarm configurations can be imported or saved and exported as comma-separated files, thus allowing alarm settings and other tabular data to be more easily exported to databases and other PAC Display clients. PAC Display also now supports Web windows, so developers can embed Web pages in their HMI screens and subsequently collate, and reconcile data from any Web page or even view live Web cam images within their HMI environment.

PID loop control tuning from within the HMI has been greatly simplified through the addition of a PID button that opens a PID tuning environment within PAC Display. Also, in response to customer requests for greater assistance in debugging, multiple instances of the runtime can now be initiated. PAC Project 9 Basic is free for download or with purchase of any Snap Pac controller. 

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