FeaturePak Embedded I/O Comes to SUMIT-ISM Stacks

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A new adapter board allows the use of FeaturePak I/O expansion modules in systems that provide SUMIT-ISM expansion stack locations. The FeaturePak socket on the SUMIT/FP Adapter consumes a single PCI Express x1 lane from the SUMIT-A bus connector on the SUMIT-ISM module. The adapter provides a pair of 50-pin I/O header connectors for convenient access to all FeaturePak I/O. In addition, it includes pass-through connectors for the SUMIT-ISM stack’s SUMIT-B bus and PC/104 (ISA) bus. An extended operation temperature range of -40° to +85°C is supported.

The FeaturePak specification defines tiny, application-oriented personality modules—three-fifths the size of a credit card—that snap into low-cost, low-profile, reliable sockets on single board computers (SBCs), computer-on-module (COM) baseboards and full-custom electronic circuit boards. FeaturePak modules interface to the host system via a single low-cost, high-density, 230-pin connector, which carries PCI Express, USB, I2C and several other host-interface signals, plus up to 100 points of application I/O per module. The FeaturePak host interface is CPU agnostic and is compatible with both Intel- and RISC-architecture systems. Additionally, the modules can easily be integrated into embedded designs along with Qseven, COM Express, Mobile-ITX, SUMIT, PCI/104-Express, EBX and EPIC. Small quantities of the SUMIT/FP Adapter are available in 60 days, priced at $190.

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