32GB Type 1 CompactFlash Card Has Wear Leveling Data Integrity Features

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An industrial Type 1 CompactFlash card offers a capacity of 32 Gbytes and data transfer rates of 35 Mbytes/s for sustained write and 45 Mbytes/s for sustained read. The C-320 from Swissbit is designed to satisfy demanding non-volatile, high-reliability applications for transportation, aerospace, military, telecommunications, medical, mobile computing and factory automation requirements. The C-320 CF card series use Single-Level Cell (SLC) flash technology, which provides a minimum of ten times (10x) the program/erase endurance over Multi-Level Cell (MLC) flash components.

Intelligent wear-leveling ensures that all dynamic and static data is balanced evenly across the entire flash memory card. This approach to wear-leveling will guarantee maximum write endurance. Full Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) support is also built into all C-320 CF cards. Using this technology, the card can report its detailed lifetime status, which allows users to predict imminent system stops to avoid costly downtime. Various lifetime relevant statistics are available for analysis, such as the usable flash spare blocks and remaining guaranteed flash write life. The lifetime statistics information is collected online while operating, and the SMART status will change to warn when critical values are reached. Swissbit has also developed an easy-to-use Windows or Linux application to interpret the lifetime statistical data. The applications also allow users to collect data in the background and display historical charts of all relevant values. This allows for detailed control over the lifetime statistics and aids in early failure prediction.  

Data integrity is assured by use of a power-loss management system to prevent data corruption during an unexpected loss of power. Support is provided for UDMA4, MDMA4 and PIO6 communication modes and can be used in True IDE and PCMCIA applications. Swissbit CompactFlash Cards come standard with a commercial operating temperature range of 0° to +70°C TAmbient. An industrial temperature version that can operate at -40° to +85°C TAmbient is also available allowing for further design flexibility in harsh environments.  

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