Image Processing Module Supports High Frame Rate Interfaces

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A new image processing and acquisition module supports applications that require both high data transfer rates and high computational throughput. The PCI-104-3000 from Advanced Optical Systems provides the computing power for today’s most challenging video acquisition and signal processing applications. It incorporates industry standard high frame rate sensor interfaces including FireWire (1394a), Camera Link (Base) and Gigabit Ethernet; with a reconfigurable processing engine based on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology. 

The PCI¬-104-3000 also provides a high-bandwidth auxiliary bus for transferring large blocks of processed data to another board (such as the AOS PCI-104-4000) for further processing or for user-defined input/output. If your application requires multiple sensor input options, real-time digital signal processing capacity and high-bandwidth parallel computing all in a small package, the PCI-104-3000 is the right solution.

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