2D/3D Signal Processing Module Powered by FPGA

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A new signal processing board developed to support the processing needs of NASA and the United States Army in applications that required both high data transfer rates and high computational throughput is now available for commercial applications.

The AOS PCI-104-4000 from Advanced Optical Systems is a high-bandwidth computing platform with the resources required for execution of today’s most complex data processing algorithms. Incorporating four bands of SRAM memory, this card supports highly parallelized algorithms such as those required for 2D and 3D image processing, radar processing and neural network engines. A large reconfigurable FPGA on board the PCI-104-4000 provides the user with the computational power for applications where a traditional CPU will not get the job done. The PCI-104-4000 also provides a high-bandwidth auxiliary bus for transferring large blocks of data to other boards (such as the AOS PCI-104-3000) in the user’s system for input/output or further processing.

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