Extended Temperature, High-Density Serial Communications cPCI Module

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An extended temperature and high-density 3U CompactPCI Serial Communications Controller is suitable for applications in transportation, communications, process control and COTS. The new TCP467 from Tews Technologies provides four channels of high-performance RS232/RS422/RS485 selectable serial connectivity. The serial channels can be individually programmed to operate as RS232, RS422 or RS485 full/half duplex interfaces. In addition, programmable termination is provided for the RS422/RS485 interfaces. After power-up, all serial I/O lines are in a high impedance state for critical applications. Physical connection is achieved through front panel I/O with four RJ45 Modular Jack connectors.

Each RS232 channel supports RxD, TxD, RTS, CTS and GND. RS422 and RS485 full duplex support a four-wire interface (RX+, RX-, TX+, TX-) plus ground (GND). RS485 half duplex supports a two-wire interface (DX+, DX-) plus ground (GND). All channels generate interrupts on CompactPCI interrupt INTA. For fast interrupt source detection the UART provides a special Global Interrupt Source Register.

Each serial channel of the cPCI module has separate 64 byte receive and transmit FIFOs to significantly reduce the processing overhead required to provide data transactions to the transceivers. The FIFO trigger levels are programmable, and the baud rate is individually selectable up to 921.6 Kbit/ss for RS232 channels and 5.5296 Mbit/s for RS422/RS485 channels. The UART offers readable FIFO levels. The TCP467 operates in extended temperature range (-40° to +85°C) standard. Extensive software support for major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, VxWorks, Integrity and QNX is available.

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