New Front I/O Systems for Rugged Enterprise Server Family

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Two new high-performance servers for mission-critical applications in harsh environments are offered as 2RU and 3RU systems in a 17-inch (431.8mm) depth chassis with all I/O accessible from the front of the machines. Power supplies, disk drives, Gigabit Ethernet controllers and a graphics port are also front panel accessible. Front panel only access and a shallow depth design, make the RES-22XR3/FIO and RES-32XR3/FIO from Themis Computer suitable solutions for use in space-constrained environments. Themis’ new servers support the Linux and Windows operating systems to run a wide variety of user applications.

Themis’ new systems are offered with four-core (5500 series) or six-core (5600 series) Intel Xeon processors, with up to 144 Gbyte memory, extensive disk storage—up to eight lockable and removable drives, hot-swappable fans and hard disk drives—plus single or redundant power supply options for increased reliability in challenging environments. Featuring a compact, light aluminum chassis and Themis’ advanced thermal and mechanical design techniques, these new servers will provide users industry-leading RAS (Reliability, Availability and Service). Easily expandable through the addition of commercially available off-the-shelf networking cards, graphics, I/O, peripherals and other value-added options, the RES-22XR3/FIO and RES-32XR3/FIO servers are ready for current and future system requirements.    

In addition, the front panel access and I/O includes two lockable and removable 2.5” SATA or SAS drives (RES-22XR3/FIO) or up to three lockable and removable 2.5” SATA or SAS drives (RES-32XR3/FIO) as well as one CD-RW/DVD-RW drive. There are two Gigabit Ethernet ports (RJ45), one or two RS-232 Serial port (DB9), up to six USB 2.0 ports plus PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse ports. Power connector and switch and status LEDs are included as well as, in some configurations, a VGA port.

All of Themis’ XR3 series servers are now offered with 5500 series or 5600 series Intel Xeon processors. Designed for optimal performance, data and storage, Themis’ new servers may be used as rackmountable servers in offices, labs, or harsh environments, as network infrastructure servers, front-end enterprise and minimal downtime server systems. The RES-22XR3/FIO and RES-32XR3/FIO servers are now available. Information on configuration and pricing is available on request.

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