3U VPX Backplane Equipped with RF Connectors

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A new 3U VPX Backplane comes with connectors for RF and analog signals. The use of RF interconnects is expected to be an important issue for many military and aerospace applications where the VITA 46/65 specifications for VPX are highly targeted.  

The VPX Backplane from Elma Bustronic is designed to meet OpenVPX design considerations. Work is underway on a VITA 67 specification for RF signals over VPX, and Bustronic plans to develop a version that will meet the specification when it is finalized. The backplane features a 5-slot mesh routing configuration with the RF connectors in three slots. The 4-cavity RF connector is installed in the lower half of the standard J2 connector. This corresponds to rows 9-16 of slots 3, 4 and 5. The coax interconnects provide better signaling, higher data rates, less noise and less crosstalk than discrete wire.

Bustronic also offers a wide selection of VPX and OpenVPX Backplanes in 3U and 6U heights. The company has the industry’s largest offering of VPX accessories including 3U and 6U load boards (both convection- and conduction-cooled styles), test extenders, air baffles, RTMs and SerDes test devices. Pricing for the 3U VPX Backplane including the RF connectors is under $2,500 depending on volume and configuration.  

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