Battery-Free Energy Modules Back-Up Critical Data During Power Loss

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A new battery-free intelligent power subsystem prevents the loss of critical data due to a power interruption. The PowerGEM (Green Energy Module) power subsystem from Agiga Tech uses ultracapacitors (or “ultracaps”) to provide temporary power in the event of a system power loss. 

The PowerGEM modules allow designers to avoid problems of battery-powered energy sources, including environmental impact, increased design complexity, maintenance and conditioning, short operating life and a high total cost of ownership. PowerGEM, when paired with an AgigaRAM memory module, provides a complete secure and reliable non-volatile memory subsystem for mission-critical data back-up. In a related announcement, AgigA Tech has introduced a high-speed and high-density DDR3 solution, ranging from 1 Gbyte to 8 Gbyte. 

When used as a write cache, AgigaRAM provides a performance-boosting building block while guarding against power failures and data loss. In addition to providing power, PowerGEM manages the charging/discharging, cycling, wear-monitoring and other module details to ensure long life and high reliability.

The entire AgigaRAM Non-Volatile System (NVS) implements the AgigaSafe control protocol, a simple-to-use host-controlled I2C programming interface developed by AgigA Tech that ensures safe, reliable, secure operation at the system level. This protocol allows fine control over internal system functions such as managing the NAND Flash while providing precise health monitoring and tracking. The complex system-readiness system has also been reduced to a single “Good To Go” (or GTG) signal. 

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