Solid Sate Drive in DIMM Form Factor Expands Storage Options

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An enterprise class SATA II Solid State Drive (SSD) in an industry-standard DDR3 240-pin DIMM form factor is now available. This technology from Viking Modular Solutions allows users to significantly increase the capacity and storage performance of their existing server, storage or cloud computing solutions. It also allows system designers new options and greater flexibility when creating new server designs—and not coincidentally, it also lends itself to embedded designs.

The SATADIMM offers a high-performance and high-availability solid state drive in the DDR3 240-pin DIMM form factor (JEDEC MO-269). By adding SATA to an existing DDR3 DIMM socket, Viking Modular has delivered the performance and power savings desired from an SSD at a fraction of the space required to house a typical 2.5” SSD. This cost-effective solution provides dramatically increased capacity and performance.

Features of the SATADIMM include best-in-class sequential and random performance (30,000 IOPS), intelligent write management techniques for optimized endurance and protection against catastrophic flash failures, and power fail data protection enabled by super capacitor integration on the DIMM. SATADIMM is available in 50 Gbyte, 100 Gbyte or 200 Gbyte capacities.

For current server storage appliances, the SATADIMM has been designed to take advantage of any available 240-pin DDR3 DIMM socket. The SATADIMM SSD derives its power from the 1.5V supply to the DIMM socket, and data transfer is enabled by using a standard SATA cable. For new designs, system architects will appreciate that the SATA data signals can be routed directly to the socket, thus eliminating the need for any cables.

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