Edge-Lit Light Guides Provide Backlighting for Touch Display Graphics

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Ultra-thin light guides from Global Lighting Technologies (GLT) utilize the company’s LED-based edge-lighting technology to provide a solution for backlighting touch-enabled display graphics in a wide variety of applications. GLT’s light guides provide bright, uniform light exactly where needed for directional symbols, on/off buttons, company logos, rotary switches, sliders and whatever other graphic icons need to be illuminated, from large to small. The LEDs are strategically spaced along the edge of the light guide, providing the most efficient LED-based backlighting technology available and offering numerous benefits such as better control of color and uniformity, lower part count (fewer LEDs required), reduced power consumption, and the thinnest possible backlight panel. 

The ultra-thin profile of the light guides is suitable for graphic interfaces employing capacitive or field effect touch technology. Placed between the PC board / circuit sensor and the graphic overlay, their extreme thinness makes it easy for the signal to go from the graphic overlay through the backlight and to the sensor. The user can touch right through them with no loss of sensitivity. They can eliminate the need to use individual LEDs for each icon, button or symbol as well as multiple LEDs for larger areas such as company logos. Now, in many cases, larger graphics and multiple smaller icons can be vividly illuminated with a one or two LEDs positioned along the edge of a light guide. 

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