Highly Accurate Ethernet Data Acquisition Module with Built-in ISO-Channel Technology

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A new ultra-high-resolution Ethernet (LXI) data acquisition module for test and measurement offers simultaneous sampling of up to four fully isolated 24-bit inputs. Using proprietary ISO-Channel protection, each analog input on the DT8824 from Data Translation is galvanically isolated from any other input and has its own return path, which further enhances noise immunity. This performance is 20 times more accurate than any other measurement solution.

ISO-Channel technology utilizes galvanic isolation methods to guarantee 1000V isolation between any input channel to any other input channel and ±500V to earth ground. ISO-Channel vastly increases reliability by implementing a separate isolated return path for each 24-bit A/D converter used by the four input channels, all operating in parallel. The benefit to the user is total isolation of all input/outputs from each other and from digital ground. 

Key features of the DT8824 include four simultaneous analog inputs at throughput rates up to 4800 Hz per channel with a high-resolution 24-bit analog input subsystem that offers extremely high signal accuracy. The unit features complete ISO-Channel technology with 1000V galvanic isolation channel to channel for optimum signal integrity along with optional signal sampling ranges of ±10V with programmable gains of 1, 8, 16 and 32, which offer even greater resolution. The input buffer offers continuous wrap mode and no wrap mode. Software and external trigger maintains timely and efficient sampling. There are four opto-isolated digital output lines, galvanically isolated to 250V.

Multiple modules can be synchronized via the wired trigger bus and can externally trigger up to 64 channels, and Ethernet (LXI) operation allows local or remote monitoring. A rugged enclosure for noise immunity is provided in a 1U, ½ rack small profile. The DT8824 includes a comprehensive software CD for making measurements quickly and easily and is priced at $2,495.  

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