3U CompactPCI Building Blocks for Rolling-Stock and Rugged In-Vehicle Applications

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A series of new railway-compliant 3U CompactPCI products is targeted to accelerate OEMs’ time-to-market and reduce hardware design-in costs for a host of rolling-stock and rugged in-vehicle applications. The EN50155-compliant building blocks from Kontron are aimed at providing railway-compliant products from a single solution provider so that OEMs will benefit from faster application development and reduced costs throughout the extended life cycles in trains. 

The Kontron CP305-TR is a 3U, 4HP extension module for the Kontron CP305, a 3U CompactPCI CPU board, which combines the performance-per-watt ratio of the Intel Atom processor with a feature set tailored to transportation needs. This includes EN50155-compliant reliability, extremely low thermal design power (TDP), plus a soldered processor, chipset and RAM for harsh environments. With two USB 2.0 service ports via M8 connectors and two Fast Ethernet ports via M12 D-coded connectors, it is well suited for all mobile and transportation-oriented applications where robust, mechanically secured connections are required. 

The EN 50155-compliant plug-in power supply unit CP3-SVE-M100DC is especially designed to meet the demanding requirements of harsh train environments with regard to reliability and ruggedization, such as an extended operating temperature range (E2) of -40° to +70°C (EN50155 TX), a holdup time of 10ms (EN50155 S2) and full EN50155 compliance with regard to shock and vibration, EMC and isolation requirements. With its ultra-wide input range, supporting all voltages between 24 VDC and 110 VDC, and a maximum output power of 100W, the PSU is suitable for both onboard and wayside applications in the rail sector.

The new CP3923 Gigabit Ethernet switch can provide four (CP3923-4M) or eight (CP3923-8M) Gigabit Ethernet ports via rugged M12-D connectors, as well as IPv4/IPv6 routing and full management capabilities. It supports a powerful set of CLI, Telnet, Web and SNMP management interfaces to configure the entire set of protocols and parameters including Layer 2 and Layer 3 (IPv4/IPv6) protocols, Multicasting, QoS and Security. In addition, the CP3923 maximizes the reliability of rugged COTS applications by supporting Intelligent Platform Management (IPMI) and hot-swap capabilities. 

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