PrPMC / XMC Module Targets Freescale Dual-Core QorIQ P2020

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An air-cooled PrPMC/XMC module based on Freescale Semiconductor’s dual-core QorIQ P2020 processor has already earned design wins in commercial, telecom and aviation applications that require the latest in dual-core PowerPC technology, where processor performance is enhanced by the low power nature of the QorIQ processor family.    

The XPedite5500 from Extreme Engineering Solutions features the Freescale QorIQ P2020 processor with two 1.2 GHz PowerPC e500 cores, up to 4 Gbyte of DDR3-800 ECC SDRAM and up to 8 Gbyte of NAND flash and 256 Mbyte of redundant NOR flash. It runs 32-bit, 66/33 MHz PCI on PMC interface and also offers a x4 PCI Express or Serial RapidIO XMC interface. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports connect to P14/P16 and one Gigabit Ethernet port to front panel. Two serial ports to P14/P16; two serial ports are available on the front panel as is one USB port. Operating system support includes boards support packages (BSPs) for Green Hills Integrity, Wind River VxWorks and Linux. Pricing is based on memory configuration and annual volumes.

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