AMC Card with FMC Module Slot and FPGA Flexibility

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A standard AMC.1 module offers a user-programmable XC6SLX25T-2 or XC6SLX75T-2 Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA. Designed for industrial, COTS and transportation applications, where specialized I/O or long-term availability is required, the TAMC631 from Tews Technologies provides a number of advantages including a customizable interface for unique applications and a FPGA-based design to extend product lifecycle.

For flexible front I/O solutions, the TAMC631 provides a VITA 57 FMC Module slot with a low-pin count connector, allowing active and passive signal conditioning. All FMC I/O lines are directly connected to the FPGA, which maintains the flexibility of the Select I/O technology of the Spartan-6 FPGA. The low-pin count interface includes one multi-gigabit link. In addition, the FPGA is connected to two banks of 128 Mbyte, 16-bit wide DDR3 SDRAM.

The FPGA is configured by a platform Flash. The Flash device is programmable via a JTAG header. The JTAG header also supports readback and real-time debugging of the FPGA design using Xilinx ChipScope. A programmable clock generator provides up to three different clock output frequencies between 5 kHz and 200 MHz. The clock generator settings are programmable via JTAG and are stored in an EEPROM. In addition, two differential reference clocks are available from the FMC slot to the FPGA.

User applications can be developed using the design software ISE WebPack, which can be downloaded free of charge from Extensive software support for major operating systems such as Windows, LynxOS, Linux, Integrity, VxWorks and QNX is available.

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