Compact MicroTCA Platform Holds Four Double-Width AMC Modules

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A MicroTCA platform specifically designed for up to four high-end AdvancedMCs features a 10 Gbit/s Ethernet switched backplane enabling high data flow rates. In the maximum configuration with four processor modules, the 5U OM6040D platform from Kontron hosts up to 16 Intel Xeon processor cores and 96 Gbyte of RAM. Thus, the compact and modular 42HP/5U MicroTCA platform is suitable for applications with demands on performance and data throughput.

Applications in these spaces will benefit from the densely packed, parallel processing power of up to four high-performance double-width AMC modules, like the Kontron AM5030 and the high-speed fabric of 10GbE on the backplane. Target applications can be found in embedded markets with a high demand for processing capacity, high communication bandwidth and high availability. 

The Kontron OM6040D platform is based on a compact chassis (266 x 428 x 365 mm), which provides four double-width slots for AdvancedMC modules (up to 80 watts) and one slot for the MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH). The Kontron OM6040D comes in a cost-optimized design with two pluggable AC/DC power supply units, integrated power management and fan control on the backplane. The fans are housed in a removable fan tray, which is easily accessible from the front for maintenance purposes.

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