ZigBee Module Has Longer Range, Higher Output Power

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Designed for ZigBee Pro applications, a new module runs the full ZigBee Pro software stack and Smart Energy profile, enabling applications such as smart meters, smart grid, building automation, remote control and HVAC. With its strong transmit power, the MeshConnect module from California Eastern Laboratories is built on the EM357 Zigbee IC from Ember. The MeshConnect delivers superior range and performance even compared to other Ember-based modules.  At +20 dBm power output, the new MeshConnect module provides extended range measured in miles, better in-home penetration for smart meters, and overall increased link reliability for all devices. 

Unique among modules in its class, the MeshConnect EM357 module includes generous onboard external flash memory to enable convenient over-the-air software upgrades in the field, saving what would be thousands of hours of manual field upgrades in many instances. 

The new EM357 module adds breadth and depth to the expanding family of MeshConnect products, which includes the MeshConnect System on Chip IC, the original MeshConnect module for simple 802.15.4 applications and the MeshConnect Extended Range module. Pricing is under $19 in thousand-piece quantities.

California Eastern Laboratories, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 919-2500. [].