AdvancedMC Packet Processor Module Based on Cavium OCTEON II

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A second generation of AdvancedMC packet processor modules features the Cavium Networks OCTEON II CN6335 MIPS64 6-core processor. The Kontron AdvancedMC packet processor module AM4211 has already garnered interest from 4G network equipment vendors seeking a faster time to deployment using standards-based hardware platforms such as AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA. 

Platform design considerations for the Kontron AM4211 include using it as an eNodeB and LTE network element component or, in combination with full-scale AdvancedTCA blades, as a co-processor Network Interface Card (NIC). The module can be scaled across both MicroTCA (Picostation, Microstation to Macrostation) and 14-slot AdvancedTCA platforms. The new features of the CN6335 processor support 1x 10GbE to the front and software configurable interfaces to the fabric with either 2x PCIe x4 or SRIO, which expands its application usage when configuring systems in combination with standards-based third-party digital signal processing (DSP) AMCs. The CN6335 processor also ensures the Kontron AM4211 delivers optimal performance per watt. 

This includes increased data plane performance with twice the performance per watt over existing alternatives; high density computing (9 GHz) within a stringent thermal budget (< 40W on 12VDC) making it a suitable candidate for an AMC system component. It is interoperable with third-party AMCs based on DSP and FPGA. With direct connectivity to FPGA/DSP AMCs in a MicroTCA platform, it is a complete solution for MAC processing and L3-L7 processing on a single chip, achieving a high throughput of up to 15M packets per second (pps). 

Some key features of the Kontron AM4211 with the CN6335 processor include the support of SRIO in addition to PCI-e Gen 2 and XAUI, plus a set of advanced hardware acceleration capabilities. This includes: 10 Gbps+ for security, TCP packet processing and QoS; 4 Gbps for third generation DPI, 10 Gbps+ for compression; 80 Gbps+ for RAID/XOR/DeDup; and a schedule/synch/ordering engine for unlimited flows. The AM4211 supports GbE on Ports 0 and 1 connected to the CN6335 processor for control plane functions.

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