Boundary Scan Platform Scanflex with new PXI Express Controllers

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A new family of PXI Express controllers features TAP Transceivers, which are now integrated in the 1 slot/3U controllers. The new Scanflex boundary scan controllers (SFX Controller) from Goepel Electronic is named SFX/PXIe1149/C(x) and includes altogether nine models with different signal conditions and performance classes. In addition to a 2 TAP version, a 4 TAP solution and a so called FXT Version, also with four TAP, has been developed. All controllers are available in three performance classes: A, B and C. The models differ in the maximum Clock frequency (TCK) (20, 50 and 80 MHz, respectively) and in the degree of implementation of the enhanced Space chip set for high-performance scan operations. In contrast to conventional solutions, the integrated Fastscale technology allows an upgrade of the controller’s performance class “on the fly,” without intricate fitting of additional hardware.

The x1 interface of SFX/PXIe1149/C(x) achieves transfer rates of up to 264 Mbyte/s in the zero wait state burst mode, and is based on the PXI Express hardware specification 1.0, whereby defined local bus, trigger and synchronization mechanisms are supported. In combination with the modular Scanflex component portfolio, PXI Express-based high-performance boundary scan systems with up to four independent TAP can be configured and open synchronized with other functional modules. All TAPs provide, among others, programmable input and output impedances. Furthermore, resources such as 32 dynamic I/O, two analog I/O channels, three static I/O and trigger lines are parts of the basic equipment.   

For particularly critical application, the specific FXT version is available. In this version, so called TAP Interface Cards (TIC) are coupled externally to the controller. The TIC work as active test heads and enable a complete signal conditioning, e.g. directly within a fixture or an environment chamber for HASS/HALT applications. There are various TIC types, identified automatically, for different utilizations. Their fast coupling guarantees an interference-free TAP signal transmission even for multi transitions of up to four meters at a TCK frequency of up to 80 MHz. 

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