USB 3.0 Flash Drive enables a Virtual PC to Run on Any PC

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With the introduction of USB 3.0, external storage devices can now function at unprecedented speeds. This new found speed blurs the line between internal and external storage and has enabled some exciting new usage models, such as the Ceedo Personal that is being offered with the new USB 3.0 Express RAM Cache flash drive from Super Talent. 

Ceedo Personal is a portable Windows environment that runs from a USB 3.0 flash drive. It can transform a flash drive into a virtual PC. Using Ceedo, many standard Windows applications can now be made portable for use on any PC; making it possible to install, carry and run the same standard Windows applications that a user already owns and already knows how to use. 

By combining Ceedo Personal and the USB 3.0 Express RAM Cache drive, Super Talent has created a Windows Virtual PC environment that is fast, flexible and portable. The Ceedo virtual desktop is targeted for anyone who uses more than one PC, shares a PC or travels. And since Ceedo works in user mode, it's suitable for students. Computers located in the computer labs and campus libraries are generally "locked down" in user mode with no hope of installing an application. Now students can take their applications with them and utilize any PC on campus as their own

Not quite ready for USB 3.0 yet? Not a problem. The four channel architecture and DRAM caching system found in the USB 3.0 Express RAM CACHE not only works in USB 3.0 but also makes it an extremely fast USB 2.0 drive. Four channels of cache enable filling the USB 2.0 bus to capacity. And the DRAM Caching system delivers high performance, even on the USB 2.0 bus. The caching system elevates small block performance, which is very important for many Windows application calls; and all this still works even from a USB 2.0 port. 

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