6U VME Single Board Computer with Multi-Function I/O

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A 6U, VME Single Board Computer (SBC) combines multi-function and communications I/O options. The 64EP3 from North Atlantic Industries effectively eliminates the need for a separate SBC for I/O-intensive system applications. The processor provides real-time, intelligent sensor data acquisition and local data management operations such as analysis, algorithm manipulation and control of all I/O functions. It also supports direct data management and distribution between dual Gigabit Ethernet and communication interfaces such as MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429/575, RS232/422/485 and CANBus.

The 64EP3 includes four module slots for numerous mix-and-match configurations from a wide selection of multi-function I/O and communication modules. The available I/O functions include A/D, D/A, Discrete/TTL/CMOS/Differential I/O, RTD, Synchro/Resolver/LVDT/RVDT Measurement and Simulation and Encoder/Counter. Available communication functions include MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429/575, RS232/422/485 and CANBus. The enhanced motherboard design, using multiple DSPs, enables higher processing power and dedicated control for each I/O module. 

The U3 Processor Module utilizes Freescale’s 1.25 GHz e500 core MPC8536 PowerPC processor, coupled with Wind River’s VxWorks 6.x BSP and NAI’s full complement of libraries; system integrators are given complete control over the development of their I/O systems using a total NAI solution.

The U2 Processor Module is designed with Analog Devices’ 500 MHz low-power Blackfin BF-533 processor. Users can take advantage of the real-time Visual DSP++ Development environment. Armed with NAI’s function module libraries, real-time “C” code applications can be developed and deployed quickly for sensor control and communication management systems.

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