Rugged, Removable SSD Supports Supports 256-Bit Encryption and Declassification

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A ruggedized, removable SATA solid-state disk (SSD) supports 256-bit AES encryption and declassification capabilities. With its storage capacity of up to 256 Gbyte and its maximum performance of up to 240 Mbyte/s (read) and 215 Mbyte/s (write), the XPort6192 from Extreme Engineering Solutions is suitable for conduction- or air-cooled applications requiring secure, high-capacity and high-performance removable storage media.

The XPort6192 features a small form factor that fits within a standard 3U 0.8” pitch slot. It is based on reliable SLC NAND flash technology with up to 256 Gbyte capacity. It boasts up to 240 Mbyte/s read and 215 Mbyte/s write performance with optional AES 256-bit encryption and ATA Secure Erase support with optional declassification (enhanced erase) support.

The XPort6192 is designed for rugged environments (-40° to 85°C operating temperature range) and provides 100,000 program/erase cycles with global wear leveling support for added memory endurance. An easy insertion and extraction mechanism along with a high-reliability connector support 100,000 insertions/extractions.

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