Cellular Gateway Connects Remote Devices in Harsh Environments

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A rugged programmable cellular gateway for monitoring remote assets in harsh environments features advanced battery power features and a NEMA 4X/IP66 enclosure to protect the gateway from water, dust and dirt. The ConnectPort X3 H from Digi International is suitable for tank monitoring, pipeline, agriculture, utility and other rugged applications. The ConnectPort X3 H is integrated with the iDigi platform, a cloud computing service that makes it easy to remotely manage devices and integrate device information into a company’s back-end systems.  

The ConnectPort X3 H provides global connectivity to remote devices and device/sensor networks via GSM GPRS cellular networks. It is Class 1, Division 2 certified and features multiple power options including mains power, battery power or battery power with solar charger panel for harsh environments where power may not be available. It has advanced power management features including a sleep function that shuts down the device to conserve battery power when it is not running.  

The ConnectPort X3 H is available with an optional embedded XBee ZigBee module allowing the gateway to connect to a small network of ZigBee-enabled wireless devices or sensors for local data aggregation over a cellular network. It also features an optional analog I/O, digital I/O or RS-232 serial port for direct wired connectivity. Optional internal GPS is also available for asset tracking. The ConnectPort X3 H can be programmed using open-source Python or the iDigi Device Integration Application (iDigi Dia). It also includes an Eclipse-based integrated development environment that allows Web developers to rapidly develop embedded applications. The ConnectPort X3 H is shipped iDigi ready and is available to qualified customers now starting at $438 MSRP. 

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